Sterilization Monitoring

Sterilization Monitoring

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Fumident (Infection control services in dentistry): introducing Sterilization monitoring programme.

Key feature of service:

  • Service is available all over India.
  • Standard of procedure (SOP) will be submitted in envelop with Biological indicator.
  • Quality certificate with microbiologist signature will be providing to display in OPD of clinic on yearly subscription for programme.
  • Display of clinic name with link to their website/ webpage with status of sterilization monitoring programme will be maintained.


  • Marketing of clinic will be done for patient for the maintenance of Quality care of sterilization.

How dentist can enrolled clinic for sterilization monitoring programme?

  • Call us / mail us/ take membership for 10% Discount on service.


  • Fumident will send biological indicator by courier with SOP document.
  • Follow the instruction and send it back to our Microbiology Lab.
  • Microbiologist (MD Microbiologist) will evaluate it and send report to dentist’s mail id.

Price for services:(10% discount available only on monthly service)

Biological Indicator Spore strip service:

  • Monthly monitoring service(1): Rs. 300/-
  • Yearly monitoring package (12): Rs. 3000/- (save Rs. 600) (Includes: Quality Certificate, display of clinic name on website)
  1. Biological Indicator Vial service (Standard):
  • Monthly monitoring service(1): Rs. 350/-
  • Yearly monitoring package (12): Rs. 3800/- (save Rs. 400)

(Includes: Quality Certificate, display of clinic name on website)

(CDC Recommendation)

Sterilization procedures should be monitored using biological, mechanical, and chemical indicators. Biological indicators, or spore tests, are the most accepted means of monitoring sterilization because they assess the sterilization process directly by killing known highly resistant microorganisms (e.g., Geobacillus or Bacillus species).Mechanical and chemical indicators do not guarantee sterilization.

How often should biological monitoring (spore testing) be done? 

A spore test should be used on each sterilizer at least weekly. Users should follow the manufacturer’s directions for how to place the biological indicator in the sterilizer. A spore test should also be used for every load with an implantable device. Ideally, implantable items should not be used until they test negative.

Biological Indicator:

Chemical indicator:

A chemical indicator should be used inside every package to verify that the sterilizing agent has penetrated the package and reached the instruments inside. If the internal chemical indicator is not visible from the outside of the package, an external indicator should also be used. Chemical indicators help to differentiate between processed and unprocessed items, eliminating the possibility of using instruments that have not been sterilized.

Do not use instrument packages if mechanical or chemical indicators indicate inadequate processing. Chemical indicators should be inspected immediately when removing packages from the sterilizer; if the appropriate color change did not occur, do not use the instruments.