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PerioGlas (Bioglass Synthetic Bone Graft Prticulate)is a bioactive glass material used for alloplastic bone grafting .

Perioglas is composed of elements naturally occurring in bone (Ca,Na, Si , P,O) . Material content of this package is of particulate form - the particle size range being 90-710 microns.

The Bioglas composition used in PerioGlas is one of number of BioGlass composition that have been shown to bond to bone as well as soft tissue . The material undergoes a time-dependent kinetic modification of the surface that occurs when implanted in living tissue.used in is the dental bone grafting material of choice for clinicians around the world because of its ability to predictably regenerate bone for patients and its ease of use to the clinicians including, periodontists and oral surgeons.


  • Completely Resorbable
  • 100% Synthetic & Safe
  • Osteoconductive
  • Osteostimulative
  • Local Hemostatic
  • Ease of use
  • Low Cost
  • Predictable