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It gives a smoother golden experience. It has a positive rake angle (For excellent debris evacuation), big inner core (For excellence resistance to breakage) and 3 edges (for better force balance).


-One Curve is a single-use, rotary file that  enables the shaping of the full length of the canal with a single instrument, directly to the apex.

-Single-use to cancel the risks of cross-contamination for serenity during the treatment and health safety for the patients.

-An efficient instrument.

-Perfect taper and diameter for a final shaping that meets standards of an optimized cleaning.

-Respect of the original anatomy of the tooth.

-A conservative instrument.


-These files make root canal treatment quicker and simpler.

-The 4% and 6% variants in taper are used to prepare the apical and coronal thirds respectively.

-The files progressively remove any constraints present in the root canal system and flare the canal.

-The files have a varying helical pitch and length of the cutting portion.

-This design provides the files with an excellent combination of efficiency and flexibility.

-These rotary files have an innovative pitch design that avoids screwing effects.

-The new pitch varies according to the taper of the file.

-Reduces operator fatigue and enhances patient comfort.