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Special care for your implants

Your implants deserve special care. Careful cleaning with our implant kit helps them to last a lifetime. And it can prevent inflammation and peri-implantitis.

The gums are very sensitive after a dental surgery. CURAPROX has the right tools to help keeping your teeth and implants clean and healthy, and assist your gums to recover. To make sure you are satisfied with your implant for a long time, we recommend this implant kit. It is important that you can arrange your oral hygiene in a way that it is appropriate for your new implant.

  • Toothbrush CS 5460 ultra-soft-

Gums love the CS 5460 ultra-soft, which is incredibly gentle and efficient thanks to its 5,460 CUREN® filaments. Implants and gum lines are cleaned gently and effectively. A brushing experience. 5,460 filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter.

  • Single-tuft brush CS 1009/ 1006 single-

Brushes with a single tuft are particularly well suited to gum line care around implants as well as for connecting bars, telescopic copings and bridges. Tuft length 9 mm. CUREN® filaments, 0.15 mm in diameter. Alternative: a CS 1006 has a slightly shorter 6 mm tuft.

  • Interdental brushes CPS soft & implant-

These interdental brushes have a unique bristle diameter to make cleaning ultra-safe and effective following interventions. Soft, rounded bristles and plastic-coated CURAL® wire. Your dentist will tell you what sizes you need. CPS soft & implant brushes are also recommended for the areas beneath the connecting bars

  • Interdental brushes CPS prime-

The finest little brushes on the market clean the gum line particularly easily and effectively. Their umbrella effect allows the ultrafine bristles to expand to fill the gaps between the teeth with excellent tension and reach all the critical areas, cleaning effectively and gently. The quality of CPS prime makes a single cleaning movement sufficient: once in and out.