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Basic SS & Plastic

Wellton Healthcare 4Ltr Capacity SS Ulv Fogger Machine WH104

Features: - 

  •  Max. area coverage as compared to any other conventional fogger.
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Body.
  • Chemical Level Indicator.
  • Comes with pre-fitted liquid flow control valve for ease of use. 
  • 100% Convenient, Portable & Easy to use. 
  • Supplied with Manual Timer Extension for time interval adjustment for operation , after a fix interval of schedule time it will automatically off.


  •  Body & Tank : 304 Grade Stainless Steel 
  • Tank Capacity : 4 Litre of Chemical Storage
  • Blower Motor : >26000 RPM Motor
  • Nozzle : 1 Counter Rotating Vortex Nozzle
  • Chemicals : Can atomize both oil-based and water-based liquids. 
  • Control Valve : One turn. Brass Valve 
  • Particle Size : 0.5-30 µ, adjustable. Viscosity and density can affect particle size. 
  • Range : Visible fog, 20-40 ft  Input : 230V 50Hz Single Phase AC Supply 
  • Dimensions : [ 33 x 41 x 23.5 cm ] L x H x Dia 
  • Net. Weight : 4.60 Kg ( Approx.)


Wellton Healthcare  Fogger provides excellent control of droplet size, even for near-invisible 0.5-10 micron droplets needed by concentrated ULV chemicals. Wellton Healthcare  Fogger can treat 20-4,000 cubic feet per minute, reducing application time and labour-costs. And when you need high output and large droplets, the Micro Fogger is just as effective.

It can deliver up to 150 ml/min in a mist of large (30 micron) drop- lets used in humidification, dust abatement and sanitizing work. The advanced Micro Fogger can apply either oil- or water-based chemicals. And it’s easy to calibrate when changing liquids.
This machine atomizes liquid into a fog, mist or spray of small droplets, It can atomize both water or oil based solutions as well as emulsions and dilute suspensions of wettable powders. 

 Typical Uses Of Fogging Machine Includes :-

  • Humidification (Fogging Water)
  • Odour Control (Fogging odour Neutralizers, Scents or Masking chemicals)
  • Applications Of Insecticides
  • Application Of Germicides or Sanitizing Chemicals For Cleaning & Sanitation Purposes
  • Control Of mold and mildew ( Applying Sporicides, Fungicides or anti-mildew Chemicals )

  This fogger atomize liquid into small droplets by shearing them in high turbulent section of nozzle. A low rate [30-60 ml per minute] produces a dry fog of small droplets that float extensively and diffuse widely. Larger flow rate [120-150 ml per minute] produce progressively larger droplets. Liquid flow rate is regulated by a control valve to alternate the droplet size.


 Classic SS & Plastic (AJ Engineering Mechanical Works)

Power 65 W
Voltage 240 V
Body Material Stainless Steel
Grade SS316
Capacity 7.5 Ltrs
Portable Yes

As per the needs and requirements of our clients, we are involved in providing Rotofog Turntable. r Rotofog Turntable: Manufacturer & Supplier of a wide range of products which include Rotofog Turntable such as Rotating machine. Unique turntable for Aero Steriz Spreads aerosol fog in all directions (360o rotation) uniformly. Enhances space coverage capacity of fogger machine multiple times. Increases effectiveness of aerial disinfection treatment of larspaces. Useful in pharma, food processing, animal houses, medical device mfg. etc.
Premium B Skan

SKANFOG Vapor-jet machine generates a consistent particle size of 0.3 to 1 Micron. It is suitable for up-to 16000 Cu ft of space treatment with a height cover of up-to 25 Ft. It comes with a Premium grade 5 L SS tank and a plastic tank option is available too. It is equipped with a high-quality double stage, tapered fan vacuum motor and a timer for auto switch off. This machine is suitable for OT, ICU, Cathlab, Pharma lab, food processing & packaging industry usage.

Available Variants: Plastic


Premium A Skan

Technical Specifications

Timer Device Digital Timer (1 ~ 99 Min)
Working Hours Counter Available (Digital)
Particle Size Uniform Sub microns
Liquid Flow Rate 1 ~ 3 Ltrs. / Hr. (Adjustable)
Flow control Mechanism Available SS 316
Nozzle System SS 316 grade, Air-Jet Nozzle (Advance Thrust Design)
Tank Capacity 6.5 Ltrs.
Tank MOC SS 316 L
Noise level < 88 db @ 1 Meter
Air Filter Triple stage with clamp
Area Coverage > 20,000 Cubic. Ft.
Motor Speed 24,000 RPM (Approx.)
Power Supply 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Material Of Construction Hardware: SS 304. Strainer, Nipples: SS 316. Tubings: Silicon grade, (FDA & USP CLASS VI Complient)
Dry Weight 7 ~ 8 Kgs.


  1.  Add chemical solution to the liquid tank.
  2. Plug the fogger power cord into a grounded power outlet.
  3. Using the calibrated flow rate and dosage instructions provided by the chemical manufacturer, calculate the time required to properly fog the area.
  4. Adjust the angle of the fogger power head for the space you are treating (point the nozzle slightly up for max distance)
  5. Aim the fog output towards area requiring treatment. For space fogging select the direction of greatest clearance so fog droplets can fill the space (droplets that hit something will condense).
  6. Confirm the flow control valve is set to desired setting, and turn on the fogger.



A) Normal Cleanup: When Fogging is complete, remove the suction tube from the liquid source and operate the fogger for one minute with valve full open. This will expel any liquid remaining in the fogger's internal lines. Transfer excess chemical from tank to an appropriate container .

 B) Cleanup of Difficult Liquids: After fogging a viscous liquid, emulsion or a solid suspension, begin with a normal cleanup (Step A). Then put suction tube into an appropriate solvent for your fogging chemical (water for water-dispersible liquid, kerosene for oil based liquids) and operate for 1-2 minutes flushing residual chemicals with clean solvents. Then again repeat Step A.

C) Cleanup for Long Term Storage: Remove all the liquid from the tank to eliminate the potential for long term chemical attack on tank, suction tube or tubing. Then follow Step A or B.



One Year Warranty.