Ultraviolet Surface Disinfection (UVI Surface Series)

Ultraviolet Surface Disinfection (UVI Surface Series)

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Description: UV India introducing UV surface disinfection box which will help to disinfect all equipments or tools at different places without use of disinfectant sprays.
Time for disinfection 8 to 30min.

Product Overview
• Constructed of corrosion-resistant Anti rust coated Steel and Aluminum.
• Irradiates air flow within ultraviolet field in upper portion of room
• Disinfects air in seconds, reducing the risk of cross infection and exposure  of occupants to infectious airborne microbes
• For use in occupied areas
• Requires very little power to operate

Areas of Applications
• Hospitals, Dental clinics, Laboratories, Clean rooms,and Operating Rooms
• ICUs, Burn Centers, Doctors Offices, and Residencial Buildings
•TB Clinics,Dairy plants, Day Care Centers, Schools, and Offices.

General Information
Cap-Base                         G5 [ G5]
Main Application             Disinfection
Useful Life (Nom)            6000 Average
Ballast                              F8T5 or G8T5

Light Technica
Cololr Code                      TUV
Color Designation           - [ Not Specifed]
Depreciation at Useful    Lifetime 15 %

Operating and Electrical
Power (Nom)              7.9 W
Lamp Current (Nom)  0.17 A
Voltage (Nom)            56 V

Unit Dimentions    S                M
Length (Inches)       17’’             20’’ 
Width (Inches)        15’’             18’’
Height (Inches)       15’’             18’’
Weight (KG)            5.2Kg         5.2Kg