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Fumigation of Clinic

Dental clinics are just like minor operation theater as dentist perform procedure like surgical extraction, flap surgery, maxillofacial surgeries and now a days IMPLANTS which require 100% aseptic condition.

Major problem is dental clinics design which are not able to control microbial load. Aerosols are constantly produce from use of aerotors and ultrasonic scalers. Absence of proper ventilation system which cannot maintain clean air. Moisture in air conditioner provide additional breeding ground for microorganism.

Commercial dental clinics cannot apply design of operation theater as well as ventilation system because of shop room structure.

Fumident provides solution for this problem to maintain proper microbial load in air.

Fumigation an age-old procedure used to be done conventionally by formaldehyde because it is economical. But it has disadvantage of pungent odour, irritation to eyes, generation of fumes, require neutralization by ammonia, and closing time of 24 hours which is not possible in dental clinic and it is carcinogenic too.

  • Fumident provide fumigation without formaldehyde to avoid its side effect.
  • Fumident use different chemicals which are EPA approved and do not produce fumes and are not carcinogenic or irritating to eyes. Chemicals will be used alternately to avoid microbial resistance.
  • Total treatment time require only 1 hour so can be used between two surgeries also.